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Sarah’s Cinnamon Stevia 10 Grain Oatmeal

Hello all!!!

I just haaaaaaaave to share this simple yet amazing flavor combo for oatmeal! I have been eating this for years, but have made the switch from the old fashioned rolled oats to the healthier 10 grain or steel cut oats. To be honest, unless I prep my steel cut oats the night before, I JUST DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT! The nice thing about the Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain cereal is that it only takes a few minutes in the microwave and you are good to go!

I’m pretty boring, every morning I roll out of bed at 4am and stumble to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I NEED FOOD ASAP!!!lol To be honest, you should eat as close to the time your wake up as possible. Many people say they eat breakfast, but it isnt until after they shower, walk the dog, drop the kids off to school, and get to work. The benefit of eating ASAP is that you kick start your metabolism and become a calorie burning machine for the day! We all want that, right? Well then…get yourself out of bed and into that kitchen immediately! Throw all the ingredients in a microwaveable bowl, cook, and viola! MMMMM….. YUMMY YUMMY in your tummy!

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