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Gluten Free Banana Nut Protein Balls

I am obsessed with the banana  nut flavor of the Quest bars, but  absolutely hate spending close to $3 for just one bar! I know many people love quest bars, but I’m not sure if everyone knows that not all flavors are created equal. By this, I mean that not all flavors are truly healthy. Many of the flavors contain a high amount of sugar/sugar alcohol, therefore make sure to read the label before purchasing. These bars, like many others, are expensive as well. Making homemade protein treats is not only a way to ensure you are eating healthy treats, but you will save a ton of money in the long run. I have experimented with a few different flavor combinations for protein balls, but this was my first attempt at a banana nut flavor. I always take my “projects” to work for my co-workers to taste test, and this protein ball recipe got rave reviews!!!



  1. Gather all ingredients, a large bowl, a large spoon, a food processor, and measuring cups.

  2. First, place the almonds into the food processor and grind up until the almonds are in tiny bite size pieces. Make sure not to grind up too much, because it will quickly turn from powder into a nut butter. Pour the ground up almonds into a bowl and set aside for later.

  3. Drain the chick peas and rinse with water. Add all ingredients (except almonds) for the gluten free banana nut protein balls into the food processor and blend well. Make sure to scrape the sides of the processor to ensure all ingredients are mixed well.

  4. The texture will be thick and doughy, similar to sugar cookie dough. Pour about 1/2 of the almonds into the dough and mix well. I typically use my hands at this point. Roll the gluten free banana nut protein dough into balls with your hands.

  5. Roll the gluten free banana nut protein balls in the remaining almonds and place in a sealed container. Refrigerate until you are ready to eat.

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