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Crock Pot Chili

What is better in the cold wintery months than a big warm bowl of chili? Not only does this chili taste delicious, but it is a crock pot recipe, therefore freeing up your night from cooking!! Nothing is better than walking into your house after a long day, and smelling a wonderful meal that is completely ready to dive into! This recipe uses canned tomatoes, beans, and sauce, therefore saving you time. Canned foods contain a high amount of sodium, so please remember to drink plenty of water!!! I tend to make recipes on the spicier side, so feel free to omit the jalapenos and cayenne pepper from this recipe if you have a more mild palate.



  1. Gather all ingredients as well as a pan/skillet, cooking spray, cutting board, knife, spatula/big spoon, and a crock pot. If you do not own a crock pot, you should really invest in one!

  2. First, spray a pan with pam and add the extra lean ground beef. If you prefer turkey, that is fine as well. If you are vegetarian, omit the meat, and add an additional 1 lb of vegetable and/or beans. Cook the beef meat on medium to high heat for about 7-10 minutes or until well browned. Make sure to use a large spoon to mix and mash the beef while it is cooking.

  3. While the beef is cooking, clean and dice up the peppers and jalapenos. Make sure to cut the white centers and de-seed the peppers before you dice them up. Most of the heat in jalapenos is in the seeds, so WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!!

  4. When the beef is completely brown, pour it into crock pot. Add the bell peppers, jalapenos, and all other remaining ingredients.

  5. Mix all ingredients well and cook on low for 6-12 hours. Serve with low fat Mexican cheese and plain greek yogurt, or simply by itself! Enjoy!

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