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Healthy Hibachi Chicken w/ YUM YUM Sauce

I looooooove some good Hibachi! I could eat at one of those Hibachi Steakhouses every night if they didn’t use a POUND of butter on everything they cook! No matter how good the food tastes going down, you know the end result will be feeling disgustingly full in no time! Not only do you feel like you ate a plate full of butter, but you consumed a weeks worth of sodium that leaves you thirsty for days!

I need my Hibachi fix, so I created this quick and healthy meal. You can now have your Hibachi, remaining guilt free and smell free! U always leave there smelling like you took a bath in Asian grease. Now you can actually eat and venture out after dinner, instead of coming straight home to bathe and wash your clothes!Ha Lets get cooking:

  • Trim the fat off of the chicken breasts and chop up into bite size pieces.

  • Put chicken in a large bowl and add all other ingredients. Mix well with your hands.

  • Coat a pan or wok with pam cooking spray.

  • Pour chicken mixture (and all the extra sauce) into the pan/wok and cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes until the chicken is nice and brown. Keep and eye on the chicken as it cooks and stir/flip chicken pieces every few minutes to ensure all sides get cooked and browned thoroughly.

  •  While the chicken is cooking, make the YUM YUM sauce. In a bowl add all YUM YUM sauce ingredients and mix well until fully blended.

Just dump it all in and mix well. Chili paste is used in the yum yum, but just cayenne was used in featured image. Your choice of spice, if any!

  • Serve chicken with a side and finish with a side of YUM YUM sauce:)

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