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Healthy Crock Pot BBQ Shredded Chicken

Summer is the best time for BBQ! Although chicken on the grill is my absolute favorite way to enjoy BBQ, healthy shredded BBQ chicken in the crock pot comes in a close second. There is no easier and more delicious BBQ recipe than the one below, and it will probably be the healthiest BBQ recipe you will find!



  1. Gather all ingredients, a knife, a cutting board, a large spoon, and a crock pot.

  2. Trim off the fat of the chicken breasts and place the chicken into the crock pot. Pour all ingredients into the crock pot and stir well. Make sure the chicken is well coated with the BBQ mixture.

  3. Cook on low for 8-12 hrs and then shred the chicken with a large spoon or fork. Stir the BBQ shredded chicken well the ensure all chicken is well saturated with the BBQ sauce mixture.

  4. Serve solo, as a BBQ chicken lettuce wrap, a healthy multigrain BBQ chicken wrap, or as a healthy sandwich on 100% sprouted Ezekiel Bread. Add sautéed onions and coleslaw if desired. Enjoy!

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