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Healthier No Bake (White Chocolate) Carrot Cake Cups




As some of you know, I am obsessed with carrot cake! My lovely friend Tara always gives me her left over carrot pulp from juicing, therefore I always have a reason to whip up another carrot cake concoction! I actually made these for my dad for Father’s Day this year and then made the extra healthy version for me. The semi-healthy version is made with white chocolate as the cup or the top layer of the cup, and the extra-healthy version is made with no white chocolate and rolled into balls that are coated in crushed nuts.

The recipe is fairly easy…especially if you would like to go the extra-healthy route! Here we go…

  • First gather all ingredients. Get out a large bowl, a mini muffin pan, a double boiler (if you have one), and silicone baking cups. You NEED these in your kitchen if you have a sweet tooth and would like to follow my dessert recipes!

  • Melt the white chocolate by either use a double boiler or microwave. Only do this first if you would like a FULL white chocolate cup. This is still low glycemic, but it is not as healthy as it would be if you just topped the cup with white chocolate. If you prefer to just top with white chocolate, wait to melt it until you make the filling.

  • For the FULL white chocolate cups, use a spoon, small brush, or your finger to coat the entire silicone cup with chocolate. Make sure it is a thin layer, but not thin enough to see through the chocolate. If it is too thin, it will break! Keep in the freezer until the filling is ready.

  • Place the silicone cups into a muffin pan and place in the freezer for at least 15 minutes until the white chocolate is firm.

  • Blend the nuts together so they are ground up but not completely powdery! Set aside 1/2 cup on a plate or bowl for later and add the remaining nut mixture to a large bowl.

  • Add all other ingredients to the large bowl and then mix with a large spoon or your hands to ensure you mix thoroughly!

  • After the carrot cake filling is ready, remove the cups from the freezer on gently scoop filling into the white chocolate cups, leaving a little room on the sides and the top. Melt more white chocolate and pour over the filling until it fills in the gaps between the walls of the cup. Make sure to cover the top of the filling as well. Place back into the freezer for at least 20 minutes until solid. CAREFULLY peel silicone cups from the treat and enjoy!

  • If you are going the healthier route, scoop the carrot cake filling into the cups, leaving a little room on top for the white chocolate. Pour the white chocolate on top of the filling and place the cups into a muffin pan and then into the freezer for at least 20 minutes. When the chocolate is solid, remove from the freezer and CAREFULLY peel the silicone cups away from the treat. They are fragile!

  • FOR THE HEALTHIEST RECIPE…USE NO WHITE CHOCOLATE and roll carrot cake filling into balls and then coat in the extra nuts. This is actually my preference and you can eat these at any point in the day and still remain guilt free! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

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